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We Be Smith
We Be Smith
In May of 2014, Solomon Smith descendants gathered to visit his newly found family cemetery. Pictured here are Skip, David, Jim, and Britt Smith and Ginny (Smith) Goblirsch kneeling by the headstone. This is what makes all the time you spend researching your ancestors worth the effort. Great, Great day.

Descendancy traced through Samuel Smith (abt 1710-1778), MD, VA m Grissel Locker, Prince George County, MD. August court Henry/Bedford Co., VA, Solomon, Zadoc, Samuel, Sarah Smith and James Taylor and wife Elenar, Thomas Murray and wife Charity, John Williams and wife Catherine, John Russell and wife Septima vs Gressel (Gresselda) Smith.  Children vs mother over estate of father.  Birth records for some children and parents marriage records survive.  Testing matches descendants of two sons Solomon and Zadock.  Testing with son Samuel Smith Jr. (1755-1851) would be beneficial.



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