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James Erwin Smith
James Erwin Smith

 time unknown, probably 20's or 30's

Stephen Smith, Bennett Smith b 1822 NC, William M Smith b 1832 NC / Descendants in Orange NC, McNairy TN, Kaufman TX, Daviess MO, Vernon MO

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Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-65

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 Updated YDNA, Big-Y and Autosomal results for Group GRP-R-M269-65-Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-65
One of the members in the project is a descendant of James Smith b 1871 TN m Sarah J Goodman and had

2022-02-26 12:01:05
 New Big-Y Group BY-R-M269-23 NC/SC Smiths-Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-65
Two people in this group which is a Big-Y subset of YDNA Group GRP-R-M269-65. The first is a descend

2022-02-26 11:54:04
 New YDNA CHART for Group GRP-R-M269-65-Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-65
Thank you, Thomas Pratt ....

2022-02-26 11:48:43
 Please note that this group identifier has been changed from GRP-R-M269-9
This has been done to make a clear distinction and hopefully lessen confusion  between an indep....

2021-11-29 13:53:28