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Thomas Smith – Blackmore England, Essex County   1530 - 1594
Thomas Smith – Blackmore England, Essex County 1530 - 1594
from Kenneth ******** Hello Scott Nice to hear from you. Smyths Hall was located to the south of the old village and church just off of what is now called Wenlocks Lane. It was shown on the Chapman and Andre map of 1777. If you have an Ordnance Survey map, its approximate site is TQ598007. For more information go to the Unlocking Essex website: Regards Andrew

Thomas Smith b c 1750 VA, Thomas Smith b c 1755 NC, John W Smith b c 1853 AL, Bethel Smith b c 1812 TN, Samuel Smith b c 1815 GA, John W Smith b c 1853 AL. Descendants in Wayne NC, Cullman AL, Newton MS


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 New Member- Ancestry Unknown but matches this group-Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-7
YDNA Apparently the unknown ancestor was in North Carolina and closely matches the member who has

2023-05-25 13:24:51
 New Member- Henry Smith b 1780 GA d 1870 AL son Marcus C Smith -Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-7
YDNA tester Unknown at this point exactly how this line comes down but hope to have it updated. Loc

2023-02-01 13:19:18
 Updated a group chart for GRP-R-M269-7 (Smith DNA Project) -Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-7
LInk Basically, this is a way to show, in general generational terms the lineage of people who matc

2023-01-02 18:09:23
 Added new YDNA chart for Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-7-Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-7
Thank you to Thomas Pratt!  ....

2022-01-22 13:59:14
 The Paternity of Henry Smith -Requesting comment and/or corrections-Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-7
Chris Farrell has sent in a draft document regarding Henry Smith, husband of Sarah of Wayne and Gree

2021-12-09 13:04:20
 Addition to Big-Y Group BY-R-M269-7
The YDNA showed that both Abner Smith b c 1781 NC and Solomon Smith b c 1785 NC were related and the

2021-10-06 19:02:56
 Photos from Blackmore England of Thomas Smith -Smyths Hall
from Kenneth.  Thomas Smith was born 1612 at Blackmore, Brentwood Borough, Essex, England, est....

2021-04-05 11:22:38
 New Member- Descendant of Arthur Smith b 1740 NC through Sampson Smith
Sampson Smith appears to be listed his father Arthur Smith b 1740 NC's will in Wayne County, North C

2021-03-26 21:48:16