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Holloway Oliver Dennis Smith family
Holloway Oliver Dennis Smith family
male seated is Holloway Oliver Dennis Smith. lady seated is Elizabeth Alice Sprayberry (wife). male child is George Washington Smith b 1893 (my grandfather) two women standing are George's sisters, Millie M Smith b 1885 (I will edit this post with her name b 1887) the father of Dennis is Oliver Smith b 1824 his wife is Mary brown b 1826 their children name are Clark b 1842, Dennis b 1843 Martha G and Sarah E b 1847

Gabriel Smith was born Dec 12, 1764 at Anson Co NC and died in 1841 at Carroll Co, GA. He married Anna Sarah Downs. Holloway (probably Oliver) Smith b c 1847 GA, Curtis (has an extremely good match although it hasn't been determined what the Smith match is). Theory, unproven, that Gabriel's father is John "Little River" Smith, needs proof; The descendants of Christopher Smith  ENG>VA do not match this group. Have also other matches that do not stem directly from Gabriel Smith but also follow the migratoin track of coming from Anson County NC through Franklin Co GA to Carroll Co GA or Alabama 

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 Sarah Downs-Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-43
There is no evidence that Gabriel D. Smith (b. 1764) had a wife named Sarah Downs. This should be

2023-04-22 19:59:01
 Updated YDNA SAPP Chart for Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M259-43-Smith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-43
Thank you to Thomas Pratt ....

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