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Welcome to the Smith DNA Project Community Forums. The Smith DNA Project has 3 major components.

 One is through FamilyTreeDNA, where the Smith Official DNA Project (All Smith/Schmidt) DNA results are tested and grouped. YDNA testers (male Smiths) are the way testers are grouped, and we also have autosomal and mtDNA testers.

The second component is Smithsworldwide.org where the master tree is kept and also includes *branches* to show matches or testers. The trees can also include those who have not yet done any type of DNA test. Getting started on Smithsworldwide.org

This area is for discussion.

You will need to be registered on smithsworldwide.org and also be logged on in order to use some of the features on this discussion board, including creating top level posts or replies. In order to be part of the tree section, including editing your *branch*, you will need to send a direct line of descent so we can add you to the master tree.

If you have questions about some features of the site, look at the FAQ (in the right column) or feel free to email info@smithsworldwide.org