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Samuel Smiths of CT (One Nehemiah Smith, the other?)
Samuel Smith
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith Tangled Lines on August 15, 2016 Views:(87Replies (1)
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Have been going through the book "Genealogical History of Rev Nehemiah Smith" to sort out and list some names. Before going into the issue, there is a Smith DNA group of Nehemiah Smith (or related) descendants that match on YDNA. That is group GRP-I-M223-6  

 Have found one issue with Samuel Smith m Elizabeth Ely. 

Samuel was born 1676 and died 1732, according to the book. (Descent tree so far) His son Samuel was born 1696 and died 1737 at East Lyme, CT m Mary ? 

There is another member who also has a Samuel Smith as son of Samuel Smith m Elizabeth Ely. This tester has done Family Finder. This son said to be born 1702 CT d 1789.  Since Samuel Smith m E Ely has a different Samuel with different date as son, this second one has been detached until we get a resolution. (Descent tree so far)   As a wild card, a Sarah Armstrong  d 1707 is said t be a wife to Sameul Smith m Elizabeth Ely; two problems with this. Sarah Armstrong is not listed in the book and there is a disrepancy about the dates and the dates of some of the children of Samuel Smith. Need a souce for this. 

What is needed for this second line is to have a direct line Smith descendant take a YDNA test for comparison. There was another major Smith line in the same New London CT at the time as well. 

Posted by mrmhsmith on March 22, 2023 08:50:20 AM  
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Hello, I have recently taken the Big Y test and am a direct descendant of Nehemiah Smith. Our family has been searching for his origins in England, but have met countless dead ends. Please let me know if you have any leads or suggestions. Thank you.