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Question of the Day- How to Know if Trees Have a DNA tester

Posted by smithsworldwide in TNG (Trees) on June 4, 2014 Views:(85Replies (0)
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We started using TNG (The Next Generation) a couple of years ago to have a collaborative, rich chart experience for the trees people submitted to the Smith DNA Project. We already had a lot of trees listed that weren’t necessarily associated with any particular member, so how to indicate whether a tree has a presumptive DNA tester or is simply listed in anticipation?

The way we do that is by status messages by the BRANCH location on each person page.

Example #1. Each kit that has this particular person in common is listed with the kit #, and, if there is a matched group associated with it, the Group #. When you click on the link to the group, you will go directly to the report for that matched grouping. Clicking on the Kit # link will take you to a page with more information about that kit #, including another link to the DNA page on Smiths.

Example #2. This is a member who has not DNA tested but has supplied a tree. The branches are named by the convention LOCATION/FAMILY #. So, SwedenFamily2. We would like to have a YDNA tester for this line.

Example #3. These are lines listed in TNG that have no owner. We cannot confirm through DNA that the lines are accurate. We encourage those who have this line to join up and fix whatever needs correcting, adding or sourcing.