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FAQ: I would like my YDNA markers added to the SMith DNA Project but did not test with FTDNA

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA on June 4, 2014 Views:(78Replies (1)
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IF you had your YDNA DNA tested with FamilyTreeDNA, all you need to do is go join the Smith Official DNA project.  Here are the step by steps to do that.  The volunteer administrators  for the official Smith DNA project for all locations at FTDNA and will receive an email letting us know you are now a member. That will enable us to see your markers and get them listed. We will also want to have your lineage. There are also a couple of regional Smith projects for specific states. For example, Smiths of Abbeville SC is for those who have ancestral origins there and Smith Connections NE is for those who have origins in specific states in the upper northeastern half of the United States. To compare your markers with ALL Smiths/Schmidts/Smyths/Smythes etc in ALL locations, you will need to join the Smith Official DNA project-(All locations) we include ALL states in the US and ALL countries.If you have not had your YDNA DNA tested and wish to do so at FamilyTreeDNA , click the Join link here.

If you YDNA tested with another vendor, such as Ancestry, Sorensen, Relative Genetics, etc, you can go to FTDNA and have your YDNA markers listed with FTDNA by doing a ydna transfer or you can use this form to add them to the site(adding them to this site will not cause them to show up with FTDNA unless you do the ydna transfer). They will not show up here until they are approved to make sure you’re not a spammer. We will also require that you send your lineage befor the markers are posted so that we can make some intelligent potential matches based on patriarchs and locations.

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