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How Do I Compare my Family Finder/Autosomal Results on the Smith DNA Project (Autosomal Transfer?

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA on June 4, 2014 Views:(84Replies (0)
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The Smith project is a surname project for the Smith/Schmidt/Smyth/Smitt/Smithers/Smithson and variations surname. For DNA comparison, we primarily  use YDNA, which requires that the participant is or has a tester that is a male Smith whose father is a Smith whose father is a Smith, or, if adopted or otherwise, unknown, has strong matches on multiple markers (past 12) with other Smiths testing via YDNA. If you have done autosomal type testing, you can also join the project; we will be looking for matches with other testers who have done YdNA as well as autosomal.

For those that have done autosomal tests via other vendors than FTDNA,  we do not do uploads on the Smiths project site, but you can upload your results to FamilyTreeDNA for comparison via a 3rd party transfer. Link to read about the process here
Step 1: Download your raw data from Ancestry (does not remove your results from Ancestry). 
Step 2: Transfer your data to FamilyTreeDNA
Step 3: Join the Smith DNA Project (Smith Official DNA Project-All) on FamilyTreeDNa. 

The main reason we do not do uploads to the Smith site  is that autosomal is truly a DNA entity in which you compare with everyone in a given system, not simply those with the Smith surname. Since ONLY Smith, Schmidt, Smyth, etc join the Smith project, we do not have access to everyone in the system. Also, even if we did, the resources that would be required to try to do matching would simply be outdone by the great utility that FamilyTreeDNA has to look for matches. If you have a known Smith match that you have found via autosomal testing, send us the information and we will list it as a notes field  (that is information about the Smith, not the markers). Also we have expanded the matched group listings to include affiliated members that are presumed to be a match with known YDNA testers on the basis of a paper trail. We also have a report we have created where you can, once you have done the legwork of checking matches and confirming through collaborative research with others what your Smith match is, list it(them). 

So, bottom line. Send your direct lineage that includes Smith to us for listing on the TNG (tree) side, and then, if you did autosomal testing with another vendor than FTDNA, upload your results to FTDNA for comparison.