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Group Contact Editing for Smith DNA Project

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA on June 4, 2014 Views:(74Replies (0)
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We really appreciate the people who have volunteered to be the group contact for a given set of peoplewho match into a grouping. If you are a group contact, you have the ability to edit the group description, put in a geoproject link (such as 7 Septs), a geoproject description and most wanted for the group. You can find this editing function if you are logged on to TNG from your profile link. Feel free to put in anything that discusses possible origins, is inclusive of all members in a matched grouping, includes sources (preferably links to sources), and any other information that will assist others in finding matches.

We have added a discussion blog post for each group so that either passersby can add comments or suggestions or we can put emails sent to us regarding your group in a common place. We’d really like you to check from time to time if anyone has added a comment you would like to reply to. The blog does not require that a person be logged on but all posts are held for moderation to weed out spam.

Also, you can send out bulk email to your group, which includes the emails that are known to be valid. This should be used sparingly but is there to help communicate with the others in the group, who can reply.