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Getting Started on Smith DNA Project- DNA Frequently Asked Questions
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Did you get DNA testing done?

Yes. Got it done with FamilyTreeDNA >>> -Join the Smith DNA project (Official-All Locations) at FamilyTreeDNA, (we are the official Smiths Project at FamilyTreeDNA for ALL geographical locations) . After you join, the Smith volunteer administrators  will be sent an email letting us know you are a member of the project. What you need to do is send your direct line Smith descent to us. We will then send you back the link so you can add or edit the info. If you already are on FamilyTreeDNA,  here's how to login to FTDNA and join Smiths.

Yes. Tested ydna for Smith with Ancestry, Sorenson, Relative Genetics, Oxford Ancestors, Genebase, DNA Heritage, Genetree, Genographics, DNA-Fingerprint? >>>> do a YDNA transfer and then send us your family line (to so we can list it on the TNG (tree) part of the site

Yes. Test mtDNA or Family Finder/Autosomal results. We are not strictly an mtDNA project but do link to the FamilyTreeDNA chart for Smith members who have tested mtDNA. If you tested for autosomal results, you may upload your results to FamilyTreeDNA for comparison via a 3rd party transfer. It is not possible to directly compare mtDNA, autosomal/FF and yDNA with each other, but it is possible for you to list your tree.  Join the Smiths project (Smiths Official All at FTDNA) and then send us your direct family line, from the earliest Smith/Schmidt/Smythe etc for which you have a source, directly down to you, including spouses and locations. (You may use this form if you like)

No. Do you want to get DNA testing done? Are you a direct line Smith male of this line? That is, your last name is Smith/Schmidt/Smyth/Smythe or you know someone who can represent you? Consider taking the Y-DNA test (FamilyTreeDNA) to help find connections and potential matches with others. Join the Smith DNA project at FamilyTreeDNA

NO. I have Smiths and want to add my Smiths tree and also post my Most Wanteds but nothing to do with DNA now. You can post about your Most Wanted, add your line to Roll Call in the Smith DNA Project Community Forum (Need to be registered on  You can also list your direct line that includes Smith on the one big tree here;  you need to send us your tree (via direct line gedcom or you may use this form)  so we can assign you to a branch and okay your registration . You do not have to be logged on to read smithsworldwide but do need to be regsitered to edit your information or be contacted from this site. 

If you have questions, email