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How do I EDIT a person or family (TNG)

Posted by smithsworldwide in TNG (Trees) on June 3, 2014 Views:(91Replies (0)
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First, to add or edit information, you need to be registered, and have sent in a direct lineage and then be assigned to the branch that is created. Othewise, if you are a guest, you can SUGGEST A CHANGE.
Second, you are either editing a PERSON (Ixxxxx) or a FAMILY (Fxxxx). Children are added to families. You can also add a spouse or additional spouses to an individual person and change the order of marriage while editng that person.

If you have editing rights to a person or a family (and you are logged on) ,you will see, on the page an EDIT link. The link to EDIT a person is in the first block of information (birth, gender, death, etc by LAST MODIFIED).
If you do not see the EDIT link, it either means that you are not logged on or that you do not have editing rights to this person. Another clue that this is so is that you will see SUGGEST in the menu tab below the person’s name, meaning that anyone can offer suggestions on changes or additional information, but those changes must be approved first.If you have editing rights to the FAMILY (assuming that there is a family created for the person), you will see EDIT in the block that starts with FAMILY, CHILDREN, LAST MODIFIED, Family ID. If you do not see EDIT, it either means that you are not logged on or that you do not have editing rights to this family.


In either case, click on EDIT to be taken to the screen that lets you add or change information on a given person or family. 
Notice on the pic below that the person is LOGGED ON, as indicated in the menu at top, and then, BECAUSE that person is logged on, he or she will see EDIT.
If you are NOT logged on, you will see THIS.