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Editing your profile or kit info on the Smith DNA site

Posted by smithsworldwide in TNG (Trees) on June 3, 2014 Views:(1119Replies (0)
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When you are registered and logged on to the Smith Official DNA Project on the website, you have done so in order to work on your tree. You also have profile information such as your name, email, etc that you may want to change from time to time. At this present time to change a photo, you need to send to the admins and we will post for you but we do plan to add this as a feature in the future. Also, on the DNA side, you may want to add some additional information related to your DNA test or membership on the project. You can get to these editing screens from the front page of the site or from most menus within the site. Here’s where to look

On the front page of the site

From other menus

When you click “Edit Profile”, you find this screen

You see you can change some fields and then click SAVE CHANGES. You can also go to EDIT YOUR DNA PAGE which will take you to the following page. Notice that you can change your early ancestor description (255 chars max), the migration path (format country>State>state>state, etc. You can also put in your confirmed haplogroup (which follows a convention of X-XXX) If you wish to put in your list of confirmed snps, you may copy and paste them in here, they will show up on your kit page. You can also copy and past the mtDNA MHVR1 and/or MHVR2 info which shows up on the kit pages for those who have tested mtDNA. If you have found thru comparing autosomal segments and trees that you have a definite match with a particular tree, you may put a comment about it in the autosomal box. Finally, if you have a theory you want to test or would like some line in particular to test to compare with, please put it in Most Wanted. Fields you cannot modify include the haplogroup or the markers.