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Getting Started on TNG for the Smith DNA Project- Step 2

Posted by smithsworldwide in TNG (Trees) on June 3, 2014 Views:(109Replies (0)
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Now you have submitted your tree, the basics are in the system, and you are an approved registered user. You will have been assigned to a *branch* of a tree and can make adds and edits to that branch.  You need to login to add or anything anything. Once logged on, to easily find your tree, look on the page for “Welcome ….. Your tree”- the Your Tree is a link to exactly where your part of the tree starts.

Something to understand about TNG is that it is browser based. You know how sometimes you need to refresh a page to see the latest changes when you are browsing on the internet? Same with TNG. I will explain after a bit a couple of ways to *test* or refresh the information to make sure you are looking at the latest updated page. In other words, AFTER you save or edit a page, make sure you use your browser to refresh the page to see the changes.

For now, you will be looking at your tree. You are logged in. For the people that you have permission to edit or add information for, you will see EDIT on the page, as well as EDIT in the tabbed menu below the name of the person. You are looking at all the information for ONE person and any changes made here are made to him or her individually. Person IDS start with the letter “I” for individual”, Family IDS start with the letter “F” for family. You can only make changes to the people who are part of your *branch* so if you cannot make changes to, say, an earlier person, or a sideways related person, either ask if they can be made part of the branch or offer a suggestion for changes. One reason for this is when there is a contact person that manages an entire downline and is the coordination point for all change requests.

If you are wanting to make editing changes to the family, look below the spouse to farther down the page for GROUP SHEET and right above it you will see, as long as you are either logged on OR have permission to make edits to this person, EDIT with the family number below

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