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Need Eyeballs on James William Smith and Sarah Benge
James William Smith
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds on May 12, 2023 Views:(66Replies (0)
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One of the Smith DNA Project members has James Smith as an ancestor. He was supposedly born in Pike County, Mississippi on 11 Nov 1819 (need source) and married Sarah E Benge on 2 Jan 1851 in Jasper County, Mississippi. The first place he can be found for certain is in 1880 Liberty, Pulaski Co MO -would like if anyone has this information to know where he appears in any earlier census (maybe a census error in transcription and he's really there in Jasper Co MS in other years?)
this is a list of people so far in this line and we could use some additional testers. If you are a male Smith who has a Smith line to James or you know of his line and can do a YDNA test, again because male Smith descent OR you have done an autosomal test where we can compare, please come join the Smith DNA Project