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Did Big-Y and Part of Smith DNA Project on FamilyTreeDNA?

Posted by smithsworldwide in Big Y Discussion and Matched Groupings on April 18, 2023 Views:(70Replies (0)
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If you wish to have your information shared on the tree, ie, "John Smith b X", you need to "Opt In" . From the Group Time Tree information page on FamilyTreeDNA

1. Go to your FTDNA account settings on your FTDNA profile. You will see "Group Project Profile and a slider button that says "Opt In To Sharing" . Make sure it is turned on.

How to Opt-in to the Group Time Tree

 The Group Time Tree is currently available only for projects that have opted in to share member results publicly.

Users must also make sure they have opted in to have their information shared.

How to Opt-In to the Group Time Tree

The Group Project Profile sharing setting can be changed on the FamilyTreeDNA Account Settings, Project Preferences page. Enable this option to allow your last name and paternal ancestor information to be displayed publicly in the project reports.