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Update on this new grouping -Sumter, Darlington, Williamsburg SC

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Discussion Forum GRP-R-M269-224 on February 24, 2023 Views:(19Replies (0)
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YDNA and Autosomal

Talking about 4 members all at this one time. There is a YDNA tester who was from a John J Smith b 1847 SC (Branch) who did not have a match ... until... a YDNA tester who is a descendant of Stephen Smith b c 1790 m ? Pigott 2 Rhody Smith (branch So, same person, same location, new Matched Grouping Based on this and checking autosomal matches for these two, there is also a descendant of Stephen Smith that matches (and is autosomal) Branch AND Benjamin Smith b 1795 SC m Rhoda Ward (Branch who was in the same area of Darlington SC-would like a YDNA tester descendant from Benjamin to put a fine point on this. There is some excellent research re: Stephen Smith on his line on this site by Lee G Barrow.

It is interesting that at least part of the genealogy from this family was in Sumter Co NC but does NOT have the same YDNA footprint as the Arthur Smith from Bladen Co NC who went to Sumter Co SC;.  This is a different YDNA matched grouping that the one for Arthur and some others from Bladen Co NC.