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Beta Big-Y Group Time Tree Chart from FamilyTreeDNA

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Project Updates on January 18, 2023 Views:(54Replies (0)
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The chart is in beta right now, but will be announced and released this year. Meantime, you can look at a great SNP chart that is specific to members who have already been categorized by YDNA , and are subgrouped.
The link has been put on every group on the Smith DNA Project project pages where there are more than 2 people in a given group who have done Big-Y. To find this, go to the group you are in and then look for the Big-Y llink on the page.

Example for the GRP-R-M269-7 group Notice that if there is a subset group for only the Big-Y testers, you will see a link to the Big-Y group on the YDNA page.  On the YDNA page, there is not only a link towards the top to the Big-Y group but also on each person who has done Big-Y with a link not only to the Big-Y Group but also showing the terminal SNP, plus in one of the columns to the right, whosing tests taken.   The Big-Y groups are sequentially numbered as they are created with at least 2 Big-Y testers within a YDNA group. Click on the link to see the Big-Y testers.. So, the header says that this page is showing all members by YDNA and names the group GRP-R-M269-7, under that, you will see Associated BigY Group BY-R-M269-7. Click that link

That brings you to the Big-Y grouping page. Notice in the header that this page says this is  Members by Big_Y and then has the Big-Y group, which in this case is BY-R-M269-7

The Big-Y group page will show you ONLY the people who have taken a Big-Y test   On the left hand side you will see the "Big-Y Group Time Tree (Beta) link, along with a link to Roberta Estes blog for more information. From that link, you can find your YDNA group and see the tree line for your Big-Y.

Read more about this on Roberta Estes Blog