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Family Lore

Posted by C11roe in Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M172-10 on November 23, 2022 Views:(314Replies (0)
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I have some unconfirmed family lore that may add a hint as to where James Kirkland Smith, the father of David J. Smith, came from in Europe. 

First, some of us believe that Kirkland is simply an anglicized version of Kuykendall. Word passed down was that James Smith was adopted by a man named Smith and that his real name "might have been" Kirkland. we tried to find a trail for a Kirkland, but the trail runs cold. Also, the name did not appear anywhere in the YDNA matches.

Also, older family members said that his wife was Dutch. They said that she spoke broken English with a heavy European accent. It appears she may be from Germany, though, and one wonders if Dutch was really Deutsch. 

In some villages in Germany, Jewish people (J-172) were persecuted and not allowed to have a surname. Here are some questions.  Did James Smith come from one of these villages? When he came to America, did he take his wife's name and run into problems because it was not traditional here? Did he first change it to Kirkland and later add Smith?