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Darius Smith - Welland, Ontario and Darius Champion Smith

Posted by ourhistree in Smith Tangled Lines on November 16, 2022 Views:(59Replies (3)
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Hello Smith Family,

Thank you for allowing me to join your group. I'm hoping to sort out some confusion.

My Smith line is as follows:

*Darius Smith (abt. 1794-?) & Elizabeth (abt. 1805-?) are my 4th great-grandparents . They have been located only once in the 1861 Wainfleet, Welland, Ontario, Canada. They are living beside his son Ira Smith. I cannot confirm any other records to support who they are.

Darius and Elizabeth had four sons.
Adam (1814-?) 
Ira (1820-1869) 
Frederick (1822-1876)
*Oliver (1827-1912)

I have been able to confirm they are brothers by connecting 40+ DNA descendents on Ancestry. 

A variety of records indicate they are from Pennsylvania and/or New York.

Please Note: Emory Smith is NOT related.
Emory's (kit 32472) descendent William Henry Smith has a 4th-5th cousin match to my Aunt Melba Rosine Smith however a male Smith descendent (R-M269) we tested is not a match to Emory (E-V13). Both are direct male descentents in their lines.

I have also checked the Y-DNA and although both Darius Smith from Welland County and Darius Champion Smith both originate from the R-M269 haplogroup our cousin (kit 228973) completed the FTDNA Y-67 test and only 21/30 Y-STR values match to known descendents of Darius Champion Smith (kit 110153). 
I am not experienced with Y-DNA so I'm hoping If I am misunderstanding that someone can help clarify. 

*Oliver Smith & Sarah Ann Ribble
Sarah Ann's father is Anthony Ribble. He is also living next door to Ira Smith in 1861 Wainfleet, Welland County, Ontario, Canada
*Henry Malcolm Oliver Smith & Clara Davis - Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada 
*Harry Smith - Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

I apprecaite any thoughts on this. This is the same brick wall I have had since I started researching 30+ years ago.

Thank you so much :)

Posted by Sherry10190 on November 18, 2022 07:45:12 AM  
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I have join smithworld in order to do research for this group. I would be glad to look into your tangled web. Can you provide which sons of Darius you descend and the next male Smith. I like to have 3 generations to work with.

Posted by ourhistree on November 18, 2022 07:34:42 PM  
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Hi Sherry,

Thank you very much for your offer to help. Here is a link to my tree. Please note that information on Darius Champion Smith and Emory Smith is included with notes to other researchers.

Elizabeth Brotherton is potential spouse however I cannot find any documents other than her marriage to confirm so I continue to research other Darius and Elizabeth's in the New York and Pennsylvania area. 

My line is

*Harry Elmer Smith (1904 - 1990) & Gertrude Culver (1900 - 1955) Norfolk County, Ontario

*Henry Malcolm Oliver Smith (1863 - 1950) & Clara Davis (1878 - 1946) Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada 

*Oliver Smith  (1827-1912) & Sarah Ann Ribble (1831 - 1906)  Welland & Norfolk Counties

*Darius Smith (abt. 1794-?) & Elizabeth (abt. 1805-?) Lincoln/Welland County and New York and/or Pennsylvania.

Thank you so much agaon


Posted by Sherry10190 on November 23, 2022 04:27:30 PM  
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Since I was not able to access your ancestry tree, I spent a long time trying to weed through the unsourced trees. I did send you a private message on smithworldwide of my recommendations for future research.