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Smith DNA Project Status for 11/8/2022

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Project Updates on November 8, 2022 Views:(34Replies (0)
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Have had a number of new members, new pictures, new documents, as well as a couple of suggested corrections to data. Don[t forget, this project is for everyone who has a Smith, Schmidt, Smythe, etc. You can send in a tree to add to the Big Tree, and if you have not done DNA (YDNA or autosomal), it is hoped others will come along with your same general line for comparison and that you might consider doing a DNA test yourself. As you know, we always encourage and welcome suggestions from others on anything that may need correction, run it past the people who submitted the trees and seek discussion and sources. In the latest instance, changed a tree where the earliest ancestor didn't seem to have a source. Detached the early ancestor but left him as a possible association with a note saying this is now a theory and needs sources.

On the proposed corrretions. One is to check the difference between Lucy Rowe who married Nial Rich compared with Lucy Smith who married William Carr. The second is to check the parents of John Smith b 1752 Rockingham NH who married Lucy Whitman.

On the website: Am working on two items over the winter. One is the YSAPP trees for each matched group, the other is a group chart showing rough generational differences between each participate. Here is an example.  Notice that this incluides YDNA, autosomal DNA, mtdna and tree only, essentially what type of test (or not) was taken. We always hope that others will see a line and decide both to participate in the site as  well.
Also making a change to the media feature this week so if you have a photo or document, please send it directly to - Done with the media feature on 11/11/2022. Youi should again be able to add a photo or document etc to a given person or family. I added a safeguard such that onlly you who upload a photo will be able to edit it. Now, It WORKS FOR ME but it it doesn't work for you, let me know right away, if you got an error message and where it failed. Thank you!