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New Feature- Post a Public Message to Branch

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Project Updates on November 4, 2022 Views:(3205Replies (0)
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The branch on smithsworldwide is the index file into everything else related to a particular member. Points to tree information, DNA information, matched groupings (if applicable) and has had a way for participating members to send a private message to other members.

Today have added one more way to contact people, and that is with Post Public Message to the branch. This is not a private message so all can see. The public message will post both to the branch page as well as either to the forum for the matched group or to the queries forum. Once you post, if you are a participating member who has sent in a tree, an email goes out to the member of the branch letting him or her know there is a public message waiting. If the member of the branch is not registered, the public message will nonetheless post on that page and a forum. You must be registered to post, and if you have not sent a tree, your post will be pending approval, at which time a message will go out to the member to notify about about the message.

This looks to be a good way to participate and for others, to be able to also comment on information from the poster.

If you find anything that doesn't seem to work quite right, given that this is brand new, send a message to with the error and how you think it happened.