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Who are the parents of Randall M Smith b 1804 NC m Sally Mitchell?
Randall M Smith Smith DNA Matched Group GRP-R-M269-1
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith Mystery O Day on October 2, 2022 Views:(168Replies (1)
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Have seen conflicting information about who Randall M Smith's parents are. He went from, apparently, Chatham Co NC to Smith County, Tennessee and thence to Macon County, Tennessee and then Fulton County, Arkansas. One of the male Smith descendants of this man has done a YDNA test and fits into Group GRP-R-M269-1 Among others, Malcolm Smith b 1765 Chatham Co NC m Sally Grinad went to Smith Co TN. (List o people who were in Smith Co TN and in the database that are not necessarily YDNA matches but of interest)

Breakdown of thoughts and questions that can hopefully be answered with sources.
1. There was a tree here on that indicated that William Thomas Smith b 1788 NC m Mary Morley were the parents. I could not find anywhere that said his middle name was Thomas. Needs a source.  I believe the T came from a marriage record for a William T Smith m Mary Rowland in WAKE CO NC. At least one place says that that William T Smith died in Wake Co NC but I have not verified. (Anyone have a death source?) Morley is not even close sounding to Rowland. There is a Robert Marley tree with son Adam that I have seen that shows that one died in Smith Co TN so maybe it's actually MARLEY. Do not know. But I do think someone possibly conflated THIS William Smith m Mary Rowland that has a T in his name and added it to the one in Smith CO TN. 
2. There is a William Smith who had will in 1848 in Smith Co TN, died in 1849 and I think is relisted in the US Mortality census as dying in 1850. For a while, I thought these might be two separate men, one dying the year after the first, and from the same ailment, but could not find anything around 1850, no will no probate, etc so I theorize there is only one William Smith who has a Jesse, William and Elizabeth Halliburton in his will. His wife is named Mary and this family can be found in the 1850 Smith CO TN census and along with Jesse, there is an older Archibald Smith..This Wililam Smith  DOES NOT HAVE A RANDALL in his will. IF Randoll is a son of this William Smith, why is he not in the will?  Adding that there is a William Smith in the 1830 census listed right next to Randoll/Randal Smith- is this the same William Smith? There are some unverified children on this page, the only ones I know for sure about are Jesse, Elizabeth and William. Unknown if Archibald in the 1850 census is a son.
3. Have also seen a tree on ancestry in which the parents are said to be William Smith m Leticia Holloway. This also may be a case of conflating a William from NC with the one from Smith Co TN. The origin state here is Orange Co NC. AND there is someone who has this line that DOES NOT MATCH on YDNA with the above Chatham Co NC Smiths. There is, of course, always a possibility that there is a fault in the tree line but at least at first glance these look different. IF this was going to be the Wiliam Smith m Mary Morley, the Smith/Holloway marriage would certainly have to be a first marriage.
4. There are TWO older William Smiths in Smith Co TN. See census below.
William Smith in 1820 Smith Co TN
1 m 16-25
1 m 45 and over
1 f 10-15
2 f 16-25
1 f 45 and over
William Smith in 1820 Smith Co TN  ***better match to 1830?
2 m under 10
1 m 10-15
2 m 16-25
1 m 45 and over
2 f under 10
1 f 16-25
1 f 26-44
William Smith in 1830 Smith Co TN
1 m 10-14
1 m 30-39
1 m 50-59
2 f under 5
1 f 10-14
1 f 16-19
1 f 40-49
William Smiths in 1830 Smith Co TN>>>> this one has Randal next door, age 20-30
1 m 10-14
1 m 15-19
1 m 50-59
1 f 15-19
1 f 20-29
1 f 50-59
5. Have seen some trees that have Malcolm Smith b 1765 of Chatham Co NC as the parents but he does not have a Randall Smith in his will of 1827.
(I beileve the mother is Sally Grinad rather than Sarah Moran. Compare with the Malcolm Smith who married Sarah Moran and went to Wilcox Co AL and note that we do have a YDNA tester for this and the I-M253 group does not match the group above-The Malcolm Cameron Smith m Sally Moran line went from Cumberland Co NC to Alabama, Smiths also in Robeson Co NC. Line appears to be from Malcolm Smith m Christina McIver from Knapdale, Argyll, Scotland, whose son included John "Bluff" Smith ), Note that this also requires some additional checking  on trees as well as additional YDNA testers to additionally validate the line
After all of this, it is entirely possible that the parent of Randol Smith isn't even William Smith of any stripe. Randall was in 1850 Macon Co TN. One point in favor of Randall's father being William is that he named his apparent first son William Allen Smith. Pretty sure that first wife Sarah Mitchell's father was Allen Mitchell, so maybe the first child named after each of their fathers. There was also an Allen Smith pre 1850 in Smith Co TN.
Or maybe Randoll's father is someone else entirely.

Anyway, have at it and appreciate your comments on this.

Posted by Sherry10190 on October 14, 2022 05:55:56 PM  
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1. I believe that “William Thomas Smith” is coming from a Find a Grave 29067211. It is attached to Randall Smith, but the grave is in Dyer Co. which is located to the west. Smith County is in the middle of the state.
In “History of Middle TN Baptists” names W. T. Smith as a deacon of Mt. Tabor Church on page 337. This could be William T. Smith.
2. A website “Cal’s Column and other articles by Calvin Gregory” requested family histories of Smith County.  The first article was published December 11, 1952. A reprint was November 29, 1956, with added comments. A granddaughter states William T. Smith was his name. They also mention where he is buried, 3 miles from Dixon Springs. They named 9 children of William & Mary Smith. Randall was named in this article. The only sources they provided was land records. The following Smith’s had land on Peyton’s Creek: Archibald, Coleman, Daniel, Mitcham, Robert, Randolph (Randall) and William Smith. Note there are two Daniel’s, one a preacher and another a blacksmith. They suggest that Daniel and William T. are brothers, and that Daniel is Randall's Uncle. Daniel (I84433) the blacksmith is the son of Malcom Smith (I84368). The Preacher Daniel was born in 1792 and William 1768. That is 24 years between them. Preacher Daniel is the father of Daniel Wiseman Smith (I148870) See “History of Middle TN Baptists” page 382. Malcom Smith is on page 387, and Daniel Wiseman (D. W.) Smith on page 420.
William mentions in his will that his land borders John Halliburton. Randall Smith and John Halliburton purchased land together in 1837.  John Halliburton also married Elizabeth Smith, daughter of William T. Smith. The news article names Betsy Barton, not Halliburton. That suggests someone listed the children from memory. They do not list birth dates; they are out of order. If it was a bible more than likely they would be listed in order.
Another source from Family History Center is transcribed minutes of "Smith County, Minutes of the Section Meetings of the United Baptist Churches, 1838-1850". The following Smith’s represented Mt. Tabor Church: Abel, Alen, D. W., Daniel, Malcom, Randol, Robert, and Wiseman Smith. John Halliburton was also a member.