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Two Wyatt Smiths, about same age both from VA- Need YDNA testers
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Need to find out if the Wyatt Smith in Franklin Co VA is any way connected to the Wiatt/Wyatt Smith from Amherst Co VA. I believe not, here's why.

1. The Smith DNA Project has a YDNA based matched grouping for Nicholas Smith of Gloucester Co VA, some of whose descendants were in Montgomery and Franklin Counties, VA. One of these is John Smith b 1735 VA d 1820 Montgomery Co VA who married Frances Burke. Wyatt Smith is mentioned in John Smith's wil of 1820. That Wyatt Smith was born about 1783 in Bedford Co VA and died in 1867 in Franklin Co VA. He married Mary Holland, who also died about 1863 in Franklin Co VA. This Wyatt Smith can be found in the 1820, 1830, 1850 and 1860 Franklin Co VA census records. If anyone has a will for this Wyatt, would like to see it.  Further, this line is assumed to be E-M2 haplogroup and will likely match into group GRP-E-M2-3.

2. Wyatt/Wiett Smith that was born in Amherst Co VA ia about the same age as the Wyatt, above, but married a different person and, not only is the birth state different, but the migration trajectory does not match with the above. Wyatt Smith was born c 1771 in Amherst Co VA and died after 1850 in Osage Co MO. He married Mary Phllips in Amherst co VA (do not have the marriage record) He is in the 1820 Amherst Co VA, then 1830 St Ferdinand, St Louis, MO, 1840 Gascondate Co MO and then 1850 Washington, Osage Co MO census (which was created from Gasconade). It appears that some of Wyatt's sons married David Hoop's daughters, David Hoop/Hoops also being in Gasconade and Osage Co MO. The following marriages took place in Gasconade Co MO. Martha Hoops married Benjamin Smith; Mary Ann Hoops married John Alfred Smith and Rachel Hoops married James Moses Smith. A History of Osage County, Missouri mentions Wyatt Smith living on Osage County's Indian Creek which later became Smith's Creek. Unable to find a will or probate record for Wyatt, if you have one, please reply.

These are NOT the same people, they cannot be in the same place at the same time in different states. As mentioned, the Wyatt who married Mary Holland died in Franklin Co VA. The Wyatt who married Mary (Polly) Phillips died in Osage Co MO. Their origins are different as well, although both from Virginia. I have seen trees that conflate the people to varying degrees and one thing that would help separate these out is to have a male Smith YDNA tester for a descendant of each Wyatt. That is, you are a male descendant of a Wiatt, you are a Smith. Would it be possible that these two Wyatt lines might match on YDNA? Cannot say, maybe, but given that they not ony do not start from the same location in the state of Virginia, not a given outcome.