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New Y-DNA Results - Unsure whether belong to this group

Posted by EMSmith in Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M267-1 on September 8, 2022 Views:(63Replies (2)
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Hello, I recently received the test result for my father's Y-DNA. They seem to be a good fit for this group, but I'm unsure how to confirm that. I have chosen to join the project on FTDNA: will that automatically share the results and assign them to a group?

(My father has consented to me sharing his results. He's really interested in the possibility of discovering distant - very distant - cousins.)

Thanks, Emma

Posted by smithsworldwide on September 8, 2022 01:13:43 PM  
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YES!!!! :) I was just working on your line, here is the group, YDNA tester.  and branch Your registration is now also tied to the branch so you can add or edit within the Robert Smith line. Wasn't sure if John ws the early ancestor or if that was a theory. Would also love if you have a photo of yourself or your dad for the Smith member photo list and one of an early Smith ancestor. You can send to

What is tremendously exciting about this is that your line is from England, ie, jumped the pond. Your matches are a bit distant but definitely in this group. Notice that there are also two  Big-Y testers for this group.

Posted by EMSmith on September 8, 2022 02:08:13 PM  
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Excellent! Consider me a member then (well, my father).

To answer your other points:

1) John Smith is certainly Robert Smith's father. However, I can identify at least two John Smiths who fit the bill, so I'm not certain of his birth year or place.

2) I might upload a few pictures of my grandfather and great-grandfather, but need to ask my father if he wants to share his picture.

3) I thought finding somebody in England would interest people! As you've probably seen my family is from Lincolnshire and has been for hundreds of years. I'd be honoured if I can help you find your Lincolnshire roots.

Thanks, Emma