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John Smith b 1773 VA m Nancy Harris-This needs sorted out John Smith
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Autosomal AND YDNA

New Member has 3 kits. Two are autosomal and the line is entirely in Madison County, Kentucky. Starts with John Smith b 1773 VA d 1861 Estill County, KY. At least some children are said to be Elizabeth Smith b c 1820 KY, James Lowery Smith b 14 Oct 1812 VA, Mary Smith b 1815 Madison Co KY and Susan Smith 1826 KY. Have not found a will or probate information confirming children. At least two of these children went to Andrew County, Missouri. Member's specific line is Elizabeth Smith b 1820 KY m 1. William Stamper and 2 Richard Jeffries. From the dates on the children, it would appear that John and wife Nancy Harris moved from Virginia between 1812 and 1815 where some of them were born in Madison Co KY. There is also a James Smith nearby on the 1830 Madison Co KY census-could this be kin? 

Ot interest to note that there is a John Smith in the 1850 Madison Co KY census who was born in VA and has a Sarah 34 and Thomas 14, BUT in 1860 John Smith is in Estill Co KY, says born in PA, with daughter Mary (Polly) Barnett. Are these the same John Smith's? Also, John's wife is alternatively named Nancy Barrett rather than Harris. So... if you have source documentation of any type that would confirm these children AND/OR if you are a descendant of this Smith and have done an autosomal test, please come join the Smith DNA Project.

Secondarily, there is a descendant of James Lowery Smith b 1812 VA d 31 Mar 1897 at Andrew Co MO who will be doing a YDNA test (he being a male Smith in direct line of James. Do not have his line yet, but will be adding a new post when that is done.