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Posted by rdsmith6166 in Smith Roll Call on July 17, 2022 Views:(818Replies (1)
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I am 99 sure I am a direct decendant of Sylvanus L Smith I am also the oldest living male Smith that I know of I do have 1 aunt that is still alive so to help the Smith DNA project identify more relatives and our genealogy what do I need to do next take a DNA test ? What kind and how I'm new at all this stuff can someone please tell me what to do feel free to email me at my name is Roger D Smith 
Posted by smithsworldwide on July 18, 2022 11:13:13 AM  
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Hi, Roger
Will also send you an email, but info for everyone. First, there are a lot of Sylvanus Smith so always helpful to have a date and location so we can see if there is anyone in the Smith DNA Project that may have tested or if there is any other information. Now, YOU are the best person to test for Smith on your paternal line, in that you are a male and your last name is Smith. The test to take for that is a YDNA test. If you wish to test on all your lines and find the ones in common with your aunt that I assume is a female Smith, the test is an autosomal test, but again, please do a YDNA test.  You can find information on the tests on FamiliyTreeDNA - FamilyTreeDNA - DNA Kit Orders - get at least 37 markers for YDNA
What will additionally be needed is a line of descent from you to Sylvanus L Smith that includes dates and locations.