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Update on Smith DNA Project 6/21/2022
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Project Updates on June 21, 2022 Views:(8188Replies (2)
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Don't forget if you are a male Smith or you have a male Smith brother, cousin, father, etc in your line, to get a YDNA test.

On the queue of trees and new members. I live in Texas and the past week and a half have been brutally hot. In order to keep trees and other green items in the yard alive, I went and got a truckload of mulch, spread it around all over around the trees and bushes and have been watering twice a day. All this to say that I am behind on getting on the email messages in the queue. Hope to catch up more today and the next few days, but understand, hah, hope you don't live in such a hot place, that even being outside for a while is exhausting. (I hope we get some rain here at some point, might be a drought summer). Anyway, will be writing everybody back in the email queue and getting some more results and tree lines posted. 

Posted by ivygeni on June 22, 2022 09:04:24 AM  
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I'm in Brazoria County, south of Houston. Took my grands to the park yesterday and felt very close to having a heat stroke. Ditches, canals, and water ways are low here. I second the need for Rain. Good part was we cleaned up the pond n more of litter. Planting them seeds early. Stay Safe out there. RS. 
Posted by smithsworldwide on June 22, 2022 11:36:27 AM  
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Hah, That is the truth. People just need to stay out of the weather unless early in the morning or right  before dusk. You stay safe, too, I keep watching the weather every day hoping we might get a popup storm, but no luck yet.