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Tillman Thomas Smith b 1889 Anderson Co SC m Ada Davis Tillman Thomas Smith
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Tree Only

The original tree went up a different direction that got new attention when it looked like it conflicted with another tree. Since there is not any DNA on this at all, not possible at this point to tell based on that whether the two trees match but based on source info and location, looks like they don't. 
Laying this out. Tillman Thomas Smith was born 22 Sep 1889 in Anderson Co SC and died 18 Apr 1942 at Anderson Co SC, married Ada Davis. He is found on the 1900 Centerville, Anderson Co SC census in the household of William McDuffie who married Amanda (I believe Chitwood) enumerated with Matilda Smith, divorced,b c 1860 GA. In 1880 Franklin Co GA, Willliam McDuffie can be found again, and there is a Linda Smith 35 with son John S age 8. Not sure that this is the same person but definitely interesting that in both cases there is a Smith associated with the McDuffie. By 1910, Tillman T has moved to Fork, Anderson Co SC, Center, Oconee Co SC and then Varenes Anderson Co SC by 1930. 

The original tree had this Tillman Thomas Smith as son of a William Smith and Wildie, but not with a source. Have asked for the source to show this.  Of interest is that there is a family, Tom Smith and Amanda ? in the 1880 Franklin Co GA census with a daughter Wildie b c 1872. No idea if connected but need the source to show the parents of Tillman Thomas Smith if the census in 1900 does not take precedence with Matilda.

The William H Smith listed in this tree without sources CANNOT BE William H Smith, son of John Michael Smith b 1843 of Richland Co SC died 1931 Richland Co SC. William H Smith was born 1869 in Chester co SC, and was either in Chester or Richland Co SC, not Anderston Co SC. John Michael Smith did have a son named Rev Tillman A Smith b 1873 in SC who died in 1918 in Buncombe Co NC, but Tillman was a fairly common first name. 

If there are readers that can shed some light on this, and better, have done DNA or, being a male Smith, are able to do a YDNA test, that would go a long way to sorting this out.