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Discussing Zalmon Smith of Chenango County, NY-Who are the parents?
Zalmon Smith Smith DNA Matched Group GRP-I-P37-2
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-P37-2 on May 19, 2022 Views:(70Replies (1)
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Before jumping into this, note that Zalmon, Salmon and Solomon were common names during this general timefrema.

Zalmon Smith #1
The Connnecticut US Church Record Abstracts Vol 94 Redding CT show a Zalmon Smith, s of Samuel Smith Jr and Huldah Smith bp Feb 3 1780. This was a second marriage for Huldah Bull, first one was to Thomas Mather in 1764 at Farmington, Hartford Co CT. Thomas Mather died on 10 Aug 1766 at Farmington. Samuel Smith apparently had two children, Zalmon b 1779 and Huldah d 1824 at Farmilngton.  Samuel and wife Huldah are both buried at the Memento Mori Cemetery in Farmington. 

From a YDNA standpoint, if the parents of Samuel Smith are Thomas Smith and Mary Steele, this runs up against a different  non-matching YDNA group that starts with William Smith b 1617 England m Elizabeth Stanley, who went to Farmington. Thomas Smith/Mary Steele had at least  two children named Samuel, the first died early on(1727-1729-Memento Mori Cemetery), the second, the one that married Huldah Bull was 1733-1809. There is another daughter Mary Ann Steele Smith that married Horace Cowles and died April 8 1837 at Farmington. As a point in favor of Thomas Smith/Mary Steele being Samuel's parents, note the name of the daughter-reference in the Thomas Hooker of CT book says her parents were Samuel Smith and Huldah Mather.  I have seen some trees that attempt to show that Seth Samuel Smith is fhe father of this Zalmon. This contradicts the CT Church Record Abstract seen on first link here. Therefore, and need additional YDNA testers specifically from this line for proof, this would fall into Group GRP-R-M269-50 

Zalmon Smith #2 
This Zalmon Smith has had a representative YDNA tester and fits into Group GRP-I-P37-2  

The Zalmon Smith in question was definitely in 1820 Greene, Chenango Co NY in 1820 and 1830 (census) and marreid Nancy Hovey, daughter of General Benjamin Hovey and Lydia Haven of Oxford, Worcester County, Massachusetts. (Gen Hovey in 1799, and 1800 in Oxford, Chenango Co NY which he named after his home location in MA) . In the Oxford Historical Souvenir, re: the First Congregational Church, some members were Uri Tracy, Lucy Smith, and Eleazer Smith.  According to the Historical Souvenir of Oxford NY, there were 2 Smiths (mentioned) that came there. One was Revolutionary Soldier Eleazer Smith, the other was Nehemiah Smith (son of Hugh Smith and Elizabeth Daniels of Lyme Co CT) . Also, Gen Hovey had a strong acquaintance with Melancton Smith, who has early records in both Greene, Chenango Co NY and Oxford. Looking specifically at Eleazer Smith, note that Zalmon Smith's first child, a son, was named Eleazer. 

Eleazer Smith is on the 1800 Oxford, Chenango Co NY census with 1 m 16-25, 1 m 45 and over, 1 f 45 and over.  The male 16-25 would fit with Zalmon Smith. (Benjamin Hovey is also in 1800 Oxford). 1810 Eleazer Smith has 3 m under 10, 1 m 26-44, 1 m 45 and over, 1 f 16-25 and 1 f 45 and over (Is it possible, especially since Zalmon has 3 sons born before 1810, that this is Zalmon living in father Eleazer's household with wife Nancy Hovey?) Zalmon Smith next shows up in Greene, Chenango Co NY in 1820 with 3 m under 10, 1 m 10-15, 1 m 16-18, 1 m 16-25, 1 m 26-44 (Zalmon, probably), 1m 45 and over (Eleazer?), 2 f under 10, 1 f 10-14, 1 f 26-44.  By 1830 the older male has apparently passed away. 3 m under 5, 2 m 5-9, 1 m 10-14, 1 m 20-29, 1 m 50-59 (Zalmon), 1 f under 5, 1 f 10-14, 1 f 15-19, 1 f 20-29, 1 f 40-49. There are multiple deeds for Eleazer  in the Chenango Co NY. One is in 1816, deeding land to Samuel Ross. also in 1816  is a deed from Eleazer Smith to Uri Tracy.  Ruth Hovey, daughter of General Benjamin Hovey was married to Uri Tracy. I speculate that the Eleazer Smith family was moving from one town to another in 1816 , to, specifically, Greene, where we find Zalmon Smith in 1820. If my theory is correct, Eleazer Smith died between 1820 and 1830. (This reference from Annals of Oxford indicates Eleazer Smith died Dec 8 1822 aged 75 at Greene, Chenango Co NY.  Found a specifc deed dated 7 Jun 1817 between Eleazer Smith and John Watson for land in Greene; Zalmon Smith is a witness. Would like, from a DNA standpoint, to find additional testers that are from this specific line, if possible from a male Smith descendant (ie, last name is Smith and has a straight descent line from Zalmon to confim the baseline). Zalmon had a number of sons; Elieazer, Samuel Delos, Aaron R, Charles O, Zalmon, and Alfred Hovey. 


Posted by bdsmith946 on July 27, 2022 02:11:54 PM  
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Hello. I am responding to "Discussing Zalmon Smith of Chenango County, NY-Who are the parents?"

My name is Bruce David Smith. I live in Hartford Connecticut. Zalmon Smith of Oxford and (later) Greene, NY is my 4X-great grandfather. I am an absolute direct descendant carrying the name.

I completed my genealogy 40 years ago, tracing my lineage to Giles Smith who came to Hartford Connecticut in 1637. I, too, ran into a "bit of a snag" when trying to determine my lineage further back from Zalmon Smith, when trying to determine who were his parents.
I was researching land records at the county clerks office in Greene, NY in 1982 and that's where I found numerous land records pertaining to both Eleazar and Zalmon Smith, connecting the two. One of those records included a tract of land exchanged between Zalmon Smith and Stephen Jackson of Redding CT. When I got back home to Hartford I continued my research at the Connecticut State Library (which is considered a genealogical research center for the State of Connecticut). That's where I found church records for Stephen Jackson, Zalmon, Eleazer, etc. 

Using my own "detective/deductive" reasoning it appeared to me that Zalmon Smith was the grandson of Eleazar Smith, whereby Eleazer became Zalmon's guardian since Zalmon was still a little boy when his father was died. The two of them set out for Oxford, NY shortly after 1790 when Oxford was established by Benjamin Hovey. It appears that Eleazar may have had connections with Benjamin Hovey possibly from the Revolutionary War. (?)

Eleazer Smith lived into his 90's and appears to have been very competent in his later years. The census records that you referenced seem to support this whereby you find the elderly Eleazer (as a widower) living in Zalmon's household along with Zalmon's young family. I believe Eleazer's wife Lucy died in 1812.

The Reading Congregational Church archives record the baptism of Zalmon Smith and state that Samuel Smith, Jr. and Huldah Smith are Zalmon's  parents. Eleazer Smith had two boys, both named Samuel. The first Samuel dies at age two in 1758 and it looks like he named the second Samuel named "Samuel Smith, Jr." in commemoration of his older deceased brother. I've visited the grave of the older Samuel in Reading ( now spelled "Redding").

The remainder of the genealogy from Eleazer back to Giles Smith (born about 1603) is recorded in the History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield.

I made a documentary film on all this 40 years ago called "Search for the Smiths". I recently put it out on YouTube. It's broken up into 4 parts. The part you may be most interested in would be Part 2 ==> You may want to jump to 9:10.

I'd be interested in your reply. Please contact me via email at

Bruce David Smith
Hartford, CT