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William Henry Smith 2/28/1945 - 1/6/1922 Delta Delta Colorado
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I am interesting in getting verification on who William Henry Smith parents are and grandparents are.  I have seen different women listed as his mother in My Heritage, but have found no solid info on who is truly his mother or in fact his father (William Smith (1801-1873)?)  Not sure if any of the info is solid. 

He is my great great grandfather who married Sarah Caroline Jones on 12/22/1863 in Illinois and had daugher Mary Rosetta (Mollie) Smith Sherman (my great grandmother on my mom's side)  - 10 children in total.  They all emigrated to Colorado.  William Henry was supposedly born in IL but I have no birth records on that.  

I have a very old photo of him and am pretty sure he remarried after Sarah Caroline passed away at the age of 40 to Hattie Monroe Smith/Wolford and had 6 more children with.  I found information that he and Hattie divorced.

Thanks for any info you may have.


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I realize that I've already sent you something similar and that you're looking for another source to confirm what I've pointed out but I'm including a link to a document that I've pulled together in case someone else later has the same question later on.

For what it's worth, I agree with all your points other than William Henry Smith's parents.

In the meantime, I welcome any discussion.