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My great great grandpa creed(Frank Sr father) Creed Smith
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I’m still new here and not sure how to transfer my DNA from ancestry but I found this site and figured I’d check it out. I’m so confused to why people keep saying “they’re direct descendants and sole survivors” ?. I’m here to find out more about my family because sadly most of my smith side passed away besides one aunt. I’ve had to learn about family over Ancestry piecing it together with world history trying to get an idea how they lived, where they lived and learn as much as I can to teach my son and daughter. If anyone has any info or can guide me in the right direction that would be great. Thank you. 
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Hi, Joey
Welcome to the Smith DNA Project. To answer your questions. 
1. You can do an autosomal transfer (a copy) of your Ancestry data to FamilyTreeDNa so we can compare the results with others who may match you. Instructions. 
2. Why direct descendants and/or sole survivors. The way the primary groups work here is by finding, if possible, YDNA testers. Those are male Smiths or female Smith who have a male Smith relative who can do a YDNA test for them. People with autosomal results, like Ancestry, can also compare their results with others, in a group best is to see if an autosomal results also matches with a YDNA tester who has done autosomal as well. Because we are looking for matches on DNA, it is important to find or attract others in the same line or related to compare results with. That's why people say they know they have a direct line to so and so ancestor OR there isn't anyone in their immediate line they can compare to because they're the only one left living. 
3. Here's what we need, if you haven't already done this. Do step 1 and then ALSO send in your direct line to the earliest Smith ancestor that you can prove; send it to so we can see IF that line is represented in the database, IF anyone has done any type of DNA to try to prove it, OR we can list it. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.