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New Big-Y Group BY-R-M269-22 (GRP-R-M269-59)
Smith DNA Matched Group GRP-R-M269-59
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Two members have tested matches for Big-Y, specifically terminal SNP R-FGC23826). One is a descendant of Allan W Smith m Mary Langdon (Michigan) (BRANCH)  the other is a descendant of Joseph Smith b 1762 VA m Margaret (Hardin Co KY)(BRANCH

Big-Y Group Link 

The two members are YDNA testers as well in Group GRP-R-M269-59 

Update 2/26/2022- Another member has Big-Y and results match into this group. Newest Big-Y tester is descendant of William Henry Smith m Sarah Caroline Jones 

Posted by 940362 on June 20, 2022 02:54:53 PM  
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How do I connect with these people as far as communicating? 
Clarence Smith

Posted by smithsworldwide on June 22, 2022 11:52:42 AM  
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Hi, Clarence. 

ON THIS PAGE, if you are wanting to reply to a poster, and assumimg that person has sent in a tree, click on the name of the person under his or her picture (a tree if no profile pic) which will take you to the branch information for that person, including sending a PM (personal message) 

On the custom report page, you will see a couple of things that are indicators. First, on the branch description, IF the person has an email and can be contacted, there is an email icon. Click the branch link and you will see a way, providing you are also registered (which you are) to send a private message which will also email the person. Also, at the bottom of the group page, there is a section about how to contact people. You can also send a message to and ask for your message to be forwarded. 

Probably more than you want to know, but this project hates spam and does not want spammers to use contacting people as a way to send crapola. So, at one point we used to have a *blind* emailer where messages were queued up to be approved, thus weeding out the spammer, but hah, that wasn't necessarily very quick and required someone to be monitoring the email queue. Settled on that if someone has sent a tree and registered, he or she can send a private message to others in the project who have also registered. Of course, you can always, on FTDNA, send an email to your matches. OR you can leave a public message on the forum, including FROM the ancestor page where the message will show up. OR you can ask the admins to forward a message. So, again, ON the charts, if you see an icon by the branch descriptor for Early Ancestor that is an email icon with a red x on it, means that person has NOT registered on the site, if there is a email icon without an X, means you can contact him or her (cannot guarantee you will get a reply, of course)