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Samuel Smith Jr of Shenandoah Co. VA ancestry and descendants Samuel Smith
Posted by DCox in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds on November 29, 2021 Views:(304Replies (1)
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I'm starting from this correct information: my 4th great-grandfather William Smith b. 1787 Rockingham Co VA d. 1849 Gallia Co OH married to Margaret Waugh. I have a family tree of his descendants in Gallia County.

I am proposing that his ancestors were and would like any assistance/feeback:
  • Samuel Smith Jr. 1750 (VA) -1793 (Shenandoah Co VA) married to Mary Ruddell
  • Samuel Smith Sr. 1726 (Farnham, Richmond Co VA) - 1800 (Shenandoah Co VA) married to Mary
  • William Smith c1695 (Farnham, Richmond Co VA) - 1742 (Farnham, Richmond Co VA) married to Mary
  • unknown Smith born approximately 1660s
  • William Smith c1620 - 1699 (Farnham, Richmond Co VA), first wife unknown, second wife Eve Williams (her first husband John Williams); William and Eve had no children 


Posted by smithsworldwide on December 4, 2021 03:37:25 PM  
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Thank you, D Cox and also for sending the descendant list, here.  
Project-wise, there are a lot of male Smith descendants whose last name is Smith and would like if anyone falls into this category, for you to consider a YDNA test to help form a baseline for William Smith.