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YDNA- No Matches Yet in Group (B)
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Project Updates on November 5, 2021 Views:(259Replies (0)
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This is the 6th  of going through all the YDNA male Smith testers who have done a test but do not have a match yet. It can be that the match has not yet tested, or that the line has *daughtered* out. Another possibility is that there is an NPE in the line and, if so, having another YDNA tester can help show where the NPE might have occurred.  If the line is daughtered out, and you are a descendant with a strong line that has done an autosomal test, come join the project. 

Benjamin Carroll Smith b c 1840 Lincoln Co TN m Nancy Chilldren: Charles Henderson, Mary, Vinetta, C J, JR . From Lincoln County Tennessee to Falls County, Texas and Williamson County, Texas. Benjamin's mother Nancy in 1850 Lincoln County TN with siblings Sarah, Mary C, Benjamin C, Thomas J, Napoleon B   Descent line 

Benjamin D Smith b 1799 Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey m Elizabeth Post  Went to Wayne County, Michigan  Children: Daniel J, Cornelius, John Jacob, henry Post, Hiram D, Andrew Jackson, Peter Sylvester  Descent line 

Benjamin Smith b 1772 Frederick County, Virginia m Elizabeth Chester Location: Burke County, North Carolina  Children: Thomas, Nathan, Edward   Descent line

Benjamin Simth b 1757 Delaware m Rachael Thistlewood  (Kent County, Delaware: Children: Samuel, Benjamin Jr, Mary Other locations: Seneca County, Ohio; mcClean County, Illinois    Descent line  This member has 25 markers, it appears there may be a couple of matches on 25 but if member will upgrade to 37 will show yes or no

Benjamin Smith b 1901 Tucson, Pima County,  Arizona m Grace:  Descent line

Benjamin Smith b 1736 Longhope, Orkney Islands, Scotland -12 markers, need at least 37 from this or another descendant of Benjamin Smith Descent line 
Benjamin Smith m Kiziah Staples  - to Jefferson County Tennessee: Children: Barnett W, Luna P, A G, Samuel Y, Benjamin T, Mary J, Susan Dorthua, Elizabeth A, Sarah C    Descent line

Bennett Smith b c 1755 NC (to Surry Co NC)  m Mary Bohannon Children: John,  Jacob, Mary, Bennett,    Descent line

Berko Szmidt b 1910 Belarus -12 markers, needs to upgrade to 37. Descent line

Bernard Smith b 1772 Maryland m Ann Drury  To Perry County, Missouri  Children: John, James, Mary ann, Francis, Joseph James   Descent line 

Billy Thomas Smith b 1801 NC (or TN) m Violet Gray (Gaw):  Children: William, John, Enoch Chapman, Nancy J, Marion E, Noah Sidney, Seretha, Sarah, James, Martha, Descent line 

Butler Smith b 1850 Edgefield County, South Carolina  Children: James, Ana, Caroline, George, Elizabeth  Descent line