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YDNA- No Matches Yet in Group (A)
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Project Updates on October 28, 2021 Views:(301Replies (0)
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This is the 4th of going through all the YDNA male Smith testers who have done a test but do not have a match yet. It can be that the match has not yet tested, or that the line has *daughtered* out. Another possibility is that there is an NPE in the line and, if so, having another YDNA tester can help show where the NPE might have occurred.  If the line is daughtered out, and you are a descendant with a strong line that has done an autosomal test, come join the project. 

Andrew Jackson Smith b 1821 Missouri d 1892 Jefferson Co MO m Levina Bess: Children: James Christopher, Mary Ann, Louisa Jane, Elijah, William J, John Murray, Joshua B, George E, Peter Kenney  Descent Line 

Andrew Jackson Smith b 1851 MO m Nancy Loveall Locations: Newton County, Missouri, Cherokee County, Kansas Children: Margaret Mae, Fred Howard Descent line 

Andrew Jackson Smith b 1875 Illinois d 1914 Clay County, Arkansas m Lydia V P Morgan. Children: Ora, Franklin, James, Henry, Lillie, William Descent line 

Andrew Smith of Shetlands, Scotland m Marjory Gaunsen  Child: Thomas Smith b 1806 Strand, Fetlar, Shetlands, Scotland Descent line   (There is one person with ancestry in Australia that matches, have invited him to join) 

Andrew Smith b 1799 Halbeath Scotland Child: John Descent line 

Andrew Smith b 1814 Sweden d 1857 Waterford, Racine Co WI m Sophia Emily Lilja Children: Mariw W, Andrew A, Charles Morris, Hannah, John T  Descent Line 

Andrew Smith m Margaret Smith -Scotland Child: David Edward (Fife Scotland)  Descent line

Anthony W Smith b c 1827 OH m Margaret Hastings   Children: Alva, Margaret, Alexander, Arthur Locations: LaPorte Indiana, Pottawatomie, Iowa  Descent Line

Anton Smith (Schmidt)  b 1855 Christiana Norway d 1925 Hennepin Co MN m Anna Marie Jelmeland Children: Arthur John, Christopher  Descent line 

Arthur Franklin Smith b 1833 Kildare, Ireland  d 1896 Ponca, Osage County Oklahoma m Martha Jane Coats Children: James Edward, Louisa Catherine, William Henry, Jeanette Eugenia Descent Line