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YDNA- No Matches Yet in Group (A)
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Project Updates on October 27, 2021 Views:(299Replies (0)
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This is the 3rd of going through all the YDNA male Smith testers who have done a test but do not have a match yet. It can be that the match has not yet tested, or that the line has *daughtered* out. Another possibility is that there is an NPE in the line and, if so, having another YDNA tester can help show where the NPE might have occurred.  If the line is daughtered out, and you are a descendant with a strong line that has done an autosomal test, come join the project. 

Alexander Gow Smith b 1831 Stirling, Scotland d 1895 Marion County, Alabama married Mary Ann Lewis b 1837 Alabama d Marion County, Alabama. Children: Meryl Hepatine, William Robert, Daniel, James, Valentine Descent line 

Alexander Smith of Lanark Scotland: Son Alexander b 1750 Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland m Margaret Rogers Descent Line

Alexander Smith b 1837 Pennsylvania to Vicksburg, Mississippi m Nida Hewitt. Chlidren: James Henry Rees, Charles Wallace, Ethel Watkins, Augustus, Robert Arnot Quin Descent Line

Alexander Smith b 1882 Singhampton, Ontario, Canada  m Esther Dawson Descent Line

Alfred Mazzini Smith b 1855 Fulstone, Yorkshire England d 1915 Hunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire, England m Margaret Severs Descent line

Alfred Smith b ? England m Annie Stone. Descendants in Tanzania, South Africa, Descent line 

Alfred Von Schmidt-no other information, no Schmidt or Smith matches, 12 markers. 

Allen Smith b 1835 MS m Emily Child: Sterling -locations Lowndes County, Mississippi Descent line 

Amos Smith b 1812 SC m Ruth Sumner  Children: Leonardus Kirkland, James R, John H, Thomas W, Margaret, Leroy M  Descendants to Georgia and Walker County, Alabama 12 markers, need a Smith YDNA tester with 37 markers to compare with  Descent line 

Amos Smith b 1827 New Jersey d 1877 Essex County, New Jersey m Mary Ann Williams : children: Charles W, William C , Clarence C  Descent line