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YDNA No Matches Yet into a Group
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Project Updates on October 22, 2021 Views:(300Replies (0)
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this is the first of going through all the YDNA male Smith testers who have done a test but do not have a match yet. It can be that the match has not yet tested, or that the line has *daughtered* out. Another possibility is that there is an NPE in the line and, if so, having another YDNA tester can help show where the NPE might have occurred.  If the line is daughtered out, and you are a descendant with a strong line that has done an autosomal test, come join the project. 

No match yet- Merrill Joseph Smith b 1802 Alabama or Georgia d 1860 Halletsville, Lavaca County, Texas m Susan Lusk. Children are: Brandon, Nancy, Robert Lusk, Miles Vance, Harrison W, Silas C, Virginia, and Susan. Marel J Smith is in the 1830 Rankin Co MS census, along with Chas J, Thos, and John. (the Charls J is the oldest. In 1840, there is a Thomas Smith listed next to Merrill J. Possible that might be THIS Thomas Smith b 1787 SC m Susan Colline?  Looking for additional testers to shore up the line, here is the descent. 

Same YDNA tester also has an autosomal line from Ezekiel Smith b 1781 Giles Co VA d 1854 Guadalupe Co TX m Susannah Dingess. There is also a YDNA tester for this ancestor as well with no Smith matches; therefore we would love to have a YDNA male Smith from Ezekiel to compare with the other YDNa member. There are also 2 autosomal DNA testers for Ezekiel's line.  Ezekiel's children were Paris, Peter Dingess, French C, Charles Anderson, Gertrude, Eliza, Elijah, Polly and Harriet  Here is the descent line. 

Mark Smith b 1816 Rocky MT, Franklin Co VA d 1893 Lamier County, Colorado, married Lucy Johnson.  Family went from Franklin County, Virginia to Miami County, Indiana to Cass County Indiana to Colorado. Children: Samuel Henry, John Peter, Ann Elizabeth, Judith Mary, Aly A, Charles Chatman, Sarah Amanda, Griffin, Charlott, Nancy Jane, William T W, Mary France, Nathaniel Herbert (that makes 13 children, would also like anyone that has this line to verify the children).  Descent line down 

Peter Smith b c 1814 Tennessee m Rachel Berry. Descendants in Marshall County, Alabama, and Hillsborough Florida. Chidlren: Wiley G Smith, Bryant J Smith, Peter Smith and Isaac H Smith Descent line 

Aaron Smith b c 1823 Indiana m Jemima Howard. from Marion County, Indiana to Polk County, Indiana. Children are Hardin Smith, Martha a Smith, Julian Smith, Avis Smith, Lucinda Smith, Julia O Smith, Mary Smith, Amanda Smith, Nancy J Smith, Richard Aaron Smith Jr.  Descent line

 Abner Smith b 1819 New Jersey m Sarah Hayes. Abner Smith d 1895 in Greene County, Iowa. Children: Mary E Smith, Sarah Smith, Edward Smith, John Smith, Emma Smith, George Ann Smith, Jasper T Smith, Charles Smith, Susannah Smith, Lucy J Smith, Carrie Smith Descent line

Abraham Smith b 1783 Pennsylvania d 1833 Ontario Canada m Mary. Locations in Canada include Wellington and Simcoe. There are 2 other people in the match list so that a YDNA group can be formed if the other two join the projectl. Descent line. 

Abraham Smith b 1811 Knox County, Tennessee m Elizabeth . children: John, Thomas, Abraham (Abram), William, Madison (1850 census also shows some Jones children). Appears that this family was in 1840 and 1850 Sevier Co TN and then in 1860 Strawberry Plains, Knox Co TN. Descent line

Abraham Smith d 1799 Tyrrell NC m Joanne Bateman. Desc to Jefferson County, Illinois. Children: Isaac M, Nancy, Joanna, Ananias, Zilpha, Ephraim, Abala, Elizabeth, Joseph, Loes. This kit has 25 YDNA markers, for better comparison needs to go to 37  Descent line 

Abraham Smith b 1762 NC d 1815 Jasper Co GA m Sarah Rosser Children: Lemuel L Smith, Rebecca Rosser Smith, Alice Smith, James Rosser Smith, Sarah Smith, Kerrenhappoch Smith, Abraham Smith -other locations Johnston Co NC and Hancock Co GA. Descent line