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Problem with Frederick Smith m Mary Broadnax being parent to Edward Smith of GA Edward Smith
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-1 on October 18, 2021 Views:(264Replies (0)
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We had a theory that  a Frederick Smith mentioned in connection with "Frederick Smith's orphans* referred to the above Frederick Smith, born c 1750 in Virginia d 1830 Brunswick Co VA  m Mary Broadnax. However, that reference is to a different Frederick Smith with origins in North Carolina. That Frederick was born between 1790 and &99 and married an Elizabeth, went to 1823 Elbert Co GA and 1825 Upson Co GA. (Sorting out some Frederick Smiths) The latter Frederick Smith matches into Group GRP-R-M269-1 which has Chatham Co NC and Wilkes Co NC among early locations. 

That being so, were there any other factors for whether Frederick Smith d 1830 Brunswick Co VA could be the father of the Edward Smith b 1792 VA m Dorothy H Owens,  found in Georgia. Went back and hunted for the will of that Frederick Smith and found it in Brunswick Co VA. This Frederick had a son Edward Chamberlayne Smith, probably named after Frederick's mother Elizabeth Chamberlayne (married to Cuthbert Smith) , who was born in 1790 Virginia and died 1848 in Brunwick Co VA. What do we need to have to test this out via DNA? Because Frederick is said to be the son of  Cuthbert Smith b 1720 Surry Co VA d c 1780 Brunswick Co VA and since Cuthbert is listed in father Wililam Smith b 1695 Surry Co VA, all of the above would likely match the group that has Nicholas Smith b 1657 m Elizabeth Flood (Surry Co VA to Brunswick Co VA). The issue is that these YDNA male Smith testers are R-M269.  The group that Nicholas Smith/E Flood are in is NOT the same R-M269 group as the Frederick Smith of NC, in first paragraph.

Now to Edward Smith m Dorothy H Owens. The testers here belong in group GRP-I-M223-1. In other words, YDNA male Smith tested I-M223. Clearly not a match for either of the two groups above that are both R-M269, but there is a matched grouping that includes a number of YDNA I-M223  testers.

Because of the above, Frederick Smith m Mary Broadnax has been detached as parents of Edward Smith  b 1792 Virginia m Dorothy Hardeman Owen. What would lay this to rest would be to have a male Smith YDNA tester of Frederick, Edward C and/or Cuthbert Smith for comparison.