Smith Tangled Lines

Additional testing to prove William Smith of Wake Co NC line
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith Tangled Lines on October 11, 2021 Views:(443Replies (0)
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One of the lines that starts out Lawrence Smith of VA has a YDNA tester that is of haplogroup I-M253. If one finds that Lawrence Smith b 1687 Surry Co VA m Jane Regan is of the Nicholas Smith/Elizabeth Flood line, that haplogroup is R-M269. Therefore there is additional YDNA testing that is required down the line to determine a possible different ancestry. One possibility is that, while Lawrence Smith's son Flood had a son named William, perhaps it is a different William that was in Wake County, North Carolina. The line submitted said that William was born in Northampton but had will in Wake Co NC. But suppose there was another William Smith that stayed, like the rest of Flood Smith's children, in Northampton County, NC. Until we can test more people to flesh out the line, going to *stop* the line at William. Looking, therefore, for additional YDNA testers who are known descendants of William Smith for comparison.