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wives of Cuthbert Cuthbert Smith
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The only proof I can find on Cuthberts wives is his 2nd wife Elizabeth Chamberlayne Lanier (widow of Samson Lanier Jr.) they married in 1758 Brunswick county VA. Many trees have Elizabeth Washington Lanier listed as his 1st wife (and many as his 2nd). This cannot be correct since Elizabeth Washington Lanier was the ex mother in-law of his 2nd wife Elizabeth Chamberlayne (spelled many different ways)Lanier. Many trees have a Tabitha Jones listed as his 1st wife; however many trees have this same Tabitha Jones married to people not even related to the Smith line, plus I haven't found a tree that has documentation to prove it.
All of Cuthberts children were with his 1st wife (whoever she is), all being born before 1758 and in trees I find the 2nd wife Elizabeth Chamberlayne as their mother...which isn't correct. Is there another Elizabeth Washington not associated with Laniers that could have been Cuthberts first wife? I haven't found anything in my research. If either Elizabeth was the mother of Cuthberts children and you descend from Cuthbert do you match with anyone (Washington or Chamberlayne) through autosomal (not just what is put on a tree)?

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I hope that a direct descendant of Cuthbert has their Ydna tested. I was really wanting Cuthbert to be my connection (since he has a son named Benjamin). Even though I am matched to this group by Smith Ydna...Sadly, it appears Cuthbert is not in my direct Smith line. I did find a connection to Cuthbert; however, it is my maternal side through his first wife Tabitha Jones and her Aunt Elizabeth Bird. The cloest Ydna match that is in this group is at 4 steps and I find no connection as of yet...I will keep digging until hopefully a closer match shows up :)