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Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds

Smith's Newfoundland
Posted by hammerman47 in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds on September 28, 2021 Views:(304Replies (0)
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Hi: My wife’s Grandmother is (Margaret Smith) born circa 1848 at St. Brendan’s, Newfoundland. We have tried for years to take this generation back further but looking for Smith’s is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack, until recently while checking out DNA matches on gedmatch we came across many people who are DNA related to my wife who seem to be descended from William Smith (1776-1854) from County Kilkenny and his children, Robert 1798, Mary 1799, William 1810 and John 1818, maybe George as well. There seems to be confusion as to where some were born, either Ireland or Newfoundland. I have seen Mary born in both places around 1800, not sure which is correct. Margaret Smith 1848 had an illegitimate son in 1866 who she named John Smith, quite possible named after her Father JOHN SMITH born 1818?? No confirmation that he is her father but could be. We believe John Smith’s (1866) father was a Goulding from Greenspond, possible 18 year old Nathaniel Goulding born circa 1848 (another story for another day). Anyway the Kit #’s of the DNA connections (and triangulation matches) from gedmatch are as following.....
Patricia (my wife) A949985
Richard Smith (Patricia’s 1st cousin once removed) A520831
M. Squires A177366
Beth Koeppl A362944
If you could match any of these people to your Robert Smith (1798-1885) per DNA I think that would confirm we are on the right track!!