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Need Smith male YDNA tester for John Smith d 1851 Campbell Co GA m Barbara Spiers Basil Smith
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds on September 26, 2021 Views:(259Replies (0)
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Specifically, wanting to test that Basil Smith, borin in Mecklenburg County, NC is a son or otherwise definitively related to John Smith. John Smith moved from Mecklenburg Co NC to Campbell County, Georgia. He is said to have had other children-these children need to be verified; if anyone has a will or other probate papers for John or Barbara, please comment.
Hardy M Smith 1793-1861
Joseph N Smith 197-1824
Basil S Smith 1799-1851 
Nancy Smith 1804
Moab P Smith 1804-1871
Guilford Smith 1806
Larkin Smith 1808-1881
John B Smith 1809-1883
Spiers Smith 1810-1860
Benjamin Franklin Smith 1812-1862
Elizabeth L Smith 1816-1897
James Lucious Cartell Smith 1819-1900
Archibald M Smith 1823-1881
Mary Ann Smith 1825-1901
Underhill Elisha Smith 1826-188

Most of the above travelled to Campbell Co GA. If you are a male Smith or you are a female that has male Smith kin from any of these lines, consider doing a YDNA test and joining this Smith DNA Project  (Official-All)  project. Likewise, if you are an autosomal tester, and have a very good family tree line, please also join so we can compare.