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Cuthbert Smith
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I am curious as to those children listed for Cuthbert and Elizabeth Chamberlain Lanier Smith that have dates of being born starting in 1750 (It appears they came from a book by Linda Cheek). Cuthbert and Elizabeth did not get married until 1758. Also, it is showing Cuthbert as having a second wife Elizabeth Washington. From everything I have researched Elizabeth Washington was married to Samson Lanier Sr., their son Samson Lanier Jr. married Elizabeth Chamberlain. After Samson Jr. died she married Cuthbert and came into the marriage with a daughter Rebecca Lanier (I believe the sons were living with their Uncle). Cuthbert and Elizabeth's children would have to been born at the least in 1759???

Posted by smithsworldwide on September 22, 2021 07:06:32 PM  
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From the Smith Wills-Deeds and Family Histories p 245. Cuthbert Smith d 1790 Brunswick Co VA m 1st Elizabeth Chamberlyn m 2nd Elizabeth Lanier 25 Jul 1758 Halifax Co VA. 

IF THIS IS SO, then the children rightly belong under Chamberlyn and would not be under Elizabeth Lanier. 

To sort this out, do you have some sources that show the Chamberlyn, Washington and Lanier points? 

Would also like someone is a known male Smith descendant of Cuthbert to consider doing a YDNA test

Posted by herewegoagn on February 12, 2022 06:15:10 PM  
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Would love to see a male descendant of Cuthbert.

In regards to the will stating Elizabeth Chamberlyn was his 1st wife and Elizabeth Lanier being his 2nd wife...they are the same person. It is correct Elizabeth Lanier was his 2nd wife because that is who Elizabeth Chamberlyn became when she married Sampson Lanier. His 2nd wife was still alive at his death; therefore, she is in his will with his childern by his 1st wife which is not listed anywhere except in the Lanier family history where they state she is Tabitha Jones. However, I don't know if that is for sure or not, or if there was more than one Tabitha Jones (other than her mother Tabitha Byrd Jones) because there is a Tabitha Jones that is the wife of Edward Smith and he does list her in his will.

I will continue searching, maybe someone that has Cuthbert listed in their line has additional information.

Posted by wsmith80 on February 24, 2022 11:03:41 AM  
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I believe I am a descendant of Cuthbert Smith (1732-1780) and have just recieved the results. I tried to upload that data to SWW yesterday. Let me know if there is something else I need to do.


Posted by smithsworldwide on February 26, 2022 12:05:12 PM  
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What is needed is a YDNA test, offered by FamilyTreeDNA. If you already have an autosomal type test from FTDNA, called FamilyFinder, there is no need to also do an autosomal test from Ancestry, which is what they offer. Ie, same type of test, thus redundant where a YDNA type test goes male to male to male.