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Sorting out some North Carolina Sampson Smiths Sampson Smith
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These are not necessarily conficts with YDNA but in at least one case, we need another male Smith descendant of one of the Sampsons to do a YDNA test. 

1. Sampson Smith #1 married Martha Donnell in 1801 in Guilford Co NC. Sampson Smith died in 1855 in Red River County, TX, has will.  There is a Sampson Smith listed in Arthur Smith d 1805 Wayne Co NC m Sarah Hart  That Sampson is in the 1800 Wayne Co NC census along with brothers Lazarus Smith and John Smith. Is this the same Sampson Smith? Having a direct line YDNA male Smith tester to compare with would likely show yes or no. But suppose this Sampson Smith is actually not from Wayne Co NC but Guilford Co NC.  There is a Sampson Smith in 1810 Guilford Co NC.I believe this Sampson Smith was in 1820 Wilson Co TN (There is an Eli Donnell on the same census page that is from Guilford Co NC). also 1830 Wilson Co TN. Martha Donnell's father is Daniel Donnell d 1835 Guilford Co NC. He is in 1840 Red River County, Texas on the TX Tax List index 

2. Sampson Smith #2 died in 1828 in Wilkinson Co GA and married Sophia Seals in 1807 in Hancock Co GA. Estate papers from 1828 in which his children are named, including Archibald Smith. Note that "History of Wilkinson County" ( shows a first wife Martha, before Sofia. This cannot be the Martha Donnell of the Sampson Smith #1, but presumably this was a first wife who passed away before 1807 when Sampson married Sophia. As a side note, son of Sampson Smith #2 Archibald is NOT the same person as Archibald B Smith, son of William Smith of Wilkinson Co GA. Archibald Bryant Smith b 1808 d 1852 Wilkinson Co GA is listed as son of William not only in "History of Wilkinson County" but also in his father William's estate papers. Archibald Bryant Smith married Elizabeth M Lewis, daughter of Richard Lewis and Elizabeth Rogers.

These are not the same Sampson Smiths from Moore County, North Carolina. 

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