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Another Abner Smith Conflict -this time with Siddy Busbee Abner Smith
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Chris Farrell sent information the other day regarding why he believes that the Abner Smith who married Siddy Busbee in 1805 in Wake Co NC is actually the son of Benjamin Smith born c 1755 NC will written 27 Oct 1827 Johnston Co NC proved 1832. Siddy Busbee in turn is in her father Thomas Busbee's will of 1815 in Raleigh, Wake Co NC. A YDNA tested member has an Abner Smith that has sources from Alabama to Texas. After looking at this, I believe that the Abner Smith who married Siddy Busbee is not the same person as the Abner Smith who died in 1872 in  Burleson County, Texas. As you read this, keep in mind that neither of these are the Abner Smith who  married Mehitable Fairchild and was in Ashe Co NC, son of George Smith and Elizabeth Earls. 

Starting with the Abner Smith/Siddy Busbee marriage document. Note that one of the other people named in the document is Johnston Busbee. Named in Thomas Busbees will are his children Johnson, Jonathan, Siddy (Cidy)  Kinchen and James. Jonathan Busbee married Christian Smith. Who are these Smiths? Take a look now at Benjamin Smith's will  Abner Smith is the brother of Christian Smith Busbee, again, married to Jonathan Busbee, son of Thomas Busbee. Another source of records about this is a book Quentin Busbee wrote, who was a nephew of his *Aunt Cedy*. 

Notice towads the bottom that Quinton says that Cidy married Abner Smith, brother of Jonathan Busbee's wife, with one child Edwin and that "All of the family moved to Mississippi.. Aunt Cidy is still alive-1852".  Also note that child #2 Johnathan, who married Christiana Smith had an eldest son named Lyttleton, moved to Ala near Tuscaloosa, about 1830. Is since dead. Widow still alive 1852. Now Johnson Smith who married Christian Walton, of whom Quentin was a child

Notice that this family moved to Marshall County, Mississippi, and then after that kin were in Yazoo County, Mississippi.
Both Littleton Busby and Christian (Smith)  Busby are in Madison County, Missisippi in 1840. Littleton Busby is in 1850 and 1860 Yazoo County, Mississippi. Since Quentin, in his book, says that Siddy Smith is in Mississippi in at least 1852, I believe this may be her, as Cynthia, in the 1850 and 1860 Yazoo County censuses. In 1850 #38:38 she is in the household of Thomas Hunt 33, Cenia Hunt 34, Thomas I Hunt, Cynthia Smith 60 NC. In 1860 she is in J S Lumley 32 household Cynthia Smith 69 (#444:361) Associated with this 2 doors away is #442:359 W W Lumly where the son of Thomas Hunt in 1850 can be found, presumably the parents are dead. If, amd this is merely a theory, this is Cedy/Siddy, then Abner has already passed away. 

Back a step to look at timelines now between Abner #1 who married Siddy and Abner #2 who has a different set of children and died in Texas. There are some conflicts with dates and locations that make it clear these are not the same people.

1. Abner Smith #1 can be found in 1810 Johnston County, North Carolina with 1 m under 10, 1 m 16-25 and 1 f 16-25. Next door is a Benjamin Smith. According to Thomas Busbee's will, he left provision for grandson Edwin Smith who is undoubtedly the child in this census. Abner Smith #2 already has some children that were born in Tennessee, Newman, Bethel, Hamilton, Mary and Nancy. Newman was born in 1808 and there is no way if these were Siddy Busby's children, they would not have been listed in Thomas Busbee's will, plus the two Abners cannot be in two different places at the same time. 

2. Abner Smith #2 has a brother Solomon. Both have YDNA testers for these lines and they match. A Solomon Smith is not listed in Benjamin Smith's will as a child. 

3. Abner Smith #2, according to Baptist History, moved to Tennessee c 1806-1807 and then in 1818 Abner and brother Solomon moved to Alabama. They can both be found in 1820 Franklin County AL and then 1830 Lawrence Co AL. Abner married Sarah Rebecca Jackson in 1828 in Davidson County, TN. Note that the document for Baptist History on Abner's life is flawed and attempts to make his parents George Smith and Elizabeth Earls, which is not so. Also appears that the Siddy Busbee/Abner Smith record in Wake Co NC in 1805 is not correct. 

If we assume based on the record of Quentin Busbee that at least two of the children of Benjamin Smith and two of Thomas Busbee travelled to Mississippi and are found in later years in the same counties, Abner is possibly the one who has land records in 1826 in Jackson Doc 2211 80 acres, 1828, Mt Salus Choctaw land 79.94 acres and 1831 Mt Salus 80.62 acres.  Chris Farrell believes this could be the same land that became Carroll County, Mississippi in 1833. There is also an Edwin Smith in 1840 Carroll County, Mississippi with an older female as a possibliity but where did he go after 1840? After looking at FamilySearch last night in Yazoo County, Mississippi, I found a couple of land deeds from 1827 and 1830 from Abner to others, and the land size correlates with the land records above. I cannot find Abner in Yazoo or Madison County in census, which, again, according to Family Search, was formed from Yazoo County in 1828. If, however, it is true that Quenton Busbee saw his Aunt Cedy in 1852 in Mississippi, then , while Abner may have passed away, she is around somewhere. As a complete side note and tangent, in 1810 Johnston Co NC, there is a Britain Smith enumerated next to Abner. He is not written as a son if Benjamin Smith's will, but interestingly, there is a Brittain Smith in 1830 in Yazoo County, Mississippi-could he be kin to Abner? 

Accordingly, I am moving the marriage record over to Abner Smith, son of Benjamin. That leaves the Abner Smith who died in Burleson County, Texas, without known parents or a known location based on a marriage record.  And it may be that this Abner Smith married also a Siddy Busbee, just not the one in Wake Co NC. From a Big-Y point of view, there is something of interest with both the tester for Abner Smith of Burleson Co TX and Wililam H Smith b 1811 SC m Emily Honea. Both match on YDNA and have the same terminal SNP, R-FT19724 The second tester's line may have started with a Philip Smith and, on the other wise, with an Abner Honea who can be found in 1790 in Cumberland Co NC. That may or may not be relevant while there are more members of this group to do Big-Y

We need additional testers for these lines, in particular in this case for the Benjamin Smith of Johnston Co NC lines, including through any known Smith male children OR if you have done an autosomal test and have a clear line back to Benjamin we can compare. Chris has sent information suggesting that the name Hawkins in Benjamin Smith, will in 1827 Johnston Co NC is because Benjamin Smith's parents are John Smith and Elizabeth Hawkins of Johnston Co NC. Certainly there is a group of YDNA testers who are from Johnston Co NC and the name Benjamin is prevalent. Will be looking at that suggestion over the next week to see if it makes sense and again, if you are a descendant of Benjamin OR John m Elizabeth Hawkins, please come join the project 

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Your post peaked my interest since I do have a Benjamin Smith that is my brickwall. However, your names do not appear to be linked to my Benjamin. I have had my Uncles Ydna done since he is a male Smith and the group that he is in (RM269-32) I can find no connections either. The closest Smith he matches in the Ydna is 4 steps. 

Thank you for posting your detailed information.