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New Member- Andrew Smith b 1648 MA m Mary Bundy Andrew Smith
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Autosomal tester
This line is in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, Stoughton, Norfolk Co MA, Dudley, Norfolk County, Massachusetts, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, and Caledonia County, Vermont.  At one point, descendant Francis Smith b 1796, who married Nancy Hartwell, goes from Winchester, Cheshire County, New Hampshire to Centerville, Wayne County, Indiana. 

Would also like to find a YDNA male Smith descendant specifically from Smith/Hartwell to consider doing a YDNA test. 


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Hello Autosomal Tester
I am also an Autosomal Tester (Kit# 
B426389) and my uncle Big Y Tester (Kit #400412).  I have a gap in the line between Andrew Smith and Mary Bundy and 2nd great-grandfather, William B Smith b Bloomfield, Ohio 1827.  I am trying to establish the parentage between these men.  The family oral history is not necessarily reliable so DNA was the best way to try to break through it.  Was excited to find we fell into a cluster with a common Smith ancester.  
There is a story that William B Smith (Bill) was separated from family at around age 9 not liking school and preferring the wild woods of Ohio/Michigan surfacing at age 14 and then at a Mill on the St Joe River.  He married the Mill owner's daughter and from there we have good documentation.  

I can't help with the Hartwell connection.  Good Luck on the search.