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New Member, Isaiah Smith b 1785 NC m Elizabeth? Isaiah Smith
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-J-M267-1 on August 23, 2021 Views:(163Replies (3)
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YDNA tester. Fits into this group, GRP-J-M267-1. Isaiah Smith was born 1785 North Carolina  d 1855 Dooly County, Georgia, son Isaiah Smith married Amelia Hathcock, and could also be found in Manatee County, Florida, and Highlands County, Florida. Isaiah Smith Sr was in 1830 Houston County, Georgia, USA


If you fit in with this line or anyone in the group and have done YDNA for Smith or autosomal and have a good sourced line, please come join the project. 

Posted by eyesolus on August 25, 2021 05:56:53 AM  
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Dates are incorrect. Isaiah Smith's son Isaiah was born c1816 in Georgia and died c1884 in Manatee County, Florida.
Posted by EmorySmith18 on August 25, 2021 02:43:28 PM  
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Mike/Eyesolus is correct. My 3rd great grandfather Isaiah Smith Jr (son of Isaiah Smith Sr) was born 1816 in Georgia and died 1884 in Venus, Manatee County, Florida (present-day Highlands County, Florida). It looks like Deb just made a typo and accidentally put Isaiah Sr's dates instead of Isaiah Jr's dates. Also, I will like to point out during Isaiah Jr's times Manatee County was a huge county and included several present-day Florida counties, but yes where Isaiah Jr and his children settled in Manatee County is in what is today DeSoto and Highlands Counties. DeSoto County was split off from Manatee County on May 19, 1887. Then Hardee, Highlands, Charlotte, and Glades Counties were split off from DeSoto County on April 23, 1921. Anyways, yesterday was Deb's birthday. So, I want to wish her a Happy Birthday! I hope her day yesterday was great.
Posted by smithsworldwide on August 25, 2021 04:45:51 PM  
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Thank you, Emory, for the birthday wishes!  Yes, it was a typo. Fixed. You bring up a great point about counties, really for anyone reading, and that is to check when looking for an ancestor in parent counties or counties that also split off from a parent. If you['d like to add that as a note to the pages where Isaiah is on the tree, please do. Incidentally, I went to Florida pre-covid and visited the manatee refuge center, very impressive!