Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds

James McDonald II and Elizabeth Smith James McDonald
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Hello Smith Family, 

My father Richard R. McDonald (90 yrs.) is a direct descendant of Benjamin McDonald, James McDonald I, James McDonald II, Mordecai Smith McDonald to his father Orville Lowe McDonald. A DNA match to James McDonald I has been confirmed between my father and Michael Scotch (M. S. McDonald) thru Clan Donald and Family Tree. 

Another DNA match has been confirmed thru Family DNA and Clan McAlister between my father and Max Milton MacAlister to common Ancestor Angus (Black John) MacAlister to Alasdair of Clan McAlister. This match lead us to discovering another common ancestor Donald MacDonald of Scuddio a descendant of Angus of Clan MacDonald. We have discovered our McDonald Family descends from both Alasdair of Clan McAlister and Angus of Clan MacDonald son's of Donald of Clan Donald.

I too have taken a DNA test and I look forward to discovering thru smithworldwide all of my Smith DNA matches. 

With a little guidance to start I would love to help build our Smith Family Tree.