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This maybe ought to be Mystery O Day-Smiths in Georgia and Tennessee
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-B-M181-1 on May 3, 2021 Views:(207Replies (0)
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Here is a group in which people match but figuring out the actual ancestors is more than challenging.  
One member is a descendant of Mumford Smith of Patrick County, Virginia that went to Rhea County, Tennessee. What we are missing here are some additional YDNA testers for Mumford, preferably through different sons; also if you are a descendant with a good tree and have done autosomal, please join and let's compare. What we need to do is have at least two Mumford Smith desendants to create a baseline.  Children of Mumford Smith are Margaret Smith m Joseph Williams , William Smith, John A Smith m Sarah Margaret Wiliams, Jean Smith m Geo W Riggle, Mumford Smith, Randolph Smith, Thornton Smith, James Smith. Other locations include Maury Co TN, Gibson County, Tennessee and Dyer County Tennessee. 

A second member's line is unknown but he matches a number of people (3rd) who are all related to each other AND match #2.Have asked for his line for comparison.

One of the third group has done YDNA as well as autosomal. Location for #3 is Polk County, Georgia. The name of the ancestor of group #3 is Andrew Elmore, but it's possible he changed his name after emancipation. 
Here's one of the branches, the YDNA one. The others are kin to this person and have done autosomal DNA